Are You Trapped in the Costly Cycle of Hiring and Training Structural/Civil Engineers?

Upskilling and Finding The Right Candidate Should Not Cost The Earth

Streamline Your Talent Pipeline: Corporate Training Solutions by Learnpedia

Effortless Approach to Recruiting, Upskilling and Talent Acquisition in Structural Engineering

Learnpedia, founded by engineers for engineers, understands the frustrations of corporate training and talent acquisition in the engineering industry. The endless cycle of hiring, training, and losing staff without return on investment is a nightmare scenario for any company. But enough is enough.

Our no-nonsense training program targets practical skills and real-life knowledge essential for success in the field.

Today, LearnPedia isn't just training; it's a career catapult. We've been designing timber residential buildings for decades, yet many engineers waste valuable time learning what's already perfected. This archaic approach is unsustainable. In the fast-paced world of engineering, falling behind means losing out.

Let's cut to the chase: Australian Structural and Civil Engineering firms aren't charity organizations; they're businesses. They need engineers who can hit the ground running with local knowledge and expertise. Engineers lacking this experience they're a liability.
Training someone unfamiliar with local practices, software, or standards is a financial sinkhole. It detracts from profitable work and jeopardizes project quality and safety. Communication is equally critical, as precision in engineering leaves no room for error.

LearnPedia challenges the outdated norms of upskilling, ensuring engineers are equipped with practical, industry-specific knowledge. Led by seasoned professionals with decades of experience, our online structural engineering courses & traineeship programs compress years of learning into a results-driven curriculum.

Don't settle for subpar talent or outdated training methods. LearnPedia offers a solution tailored to the needs of modern engineering firms. Our online traineeship and course programs provide flexibility and accessibility, allowing engineers to upskill without disrupting daily operations.

Don't let the talent crisis hinder your company's growth. Choose LearnPedia and stay ahead in the game.

Upskill Your Engineering Team with Our Flexible 100% Online Traineeship

At LearnPedia, we specialize in helping engineering firms like yours enhance their team's capabilities. We offer comprehensive training designed for various roles within the engineering sector, including site engineers, draftspeople, and engineers from abroad or local graduates, regardless of their level of experience. This program is particularly beneficial for those eager to master residential design and drafting in accordance with AS/NZS standards.
Our traineeship is delivered entirely online and is self-paced, ensuring minimal disruption to your team's daily tasks. With over 200 hours of pre-recorded training material, developed over 4-5 years, and live weekly sessions, we provide a flexible learning environment that can be adapted to fit within your organizational structure. Whether your team members engage in this training during office hours or in their own time, the choice is yours.
By choosing our program, you free yourself from the training responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Upon completion, participants will not only gain a deep understanding of AS/NZS standards, Structural Toolkit, SpaceGASS, and AutoCAD but will also receive a certificate of completion, CPD points, and a design portfolio showcasing three local residential projects.

What sets our traineeship apart is its efficiency in condensing what would typically be acquired over three years of experience into just three months. Both trainees and their managers often report outcomes equivalent to gaining five years of experience, thanks to the depth of knowledge and practical skills acquired.
We are here to support the growth and confidence of your engineering team, enabling them to independently and proficiently contribute to your projects. Let's discuss how we can tailor this opportunity to best suit your team's needs.

Course Schedule and Flexibility

Online & Self-Paced

Our traineeship is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of professionals like your team member. It is fully online and self-paced, granting trainees six months to complete what is typically structured as a three-month program. This extended access considers both professional and personal commitments, ensuring flexibility.

Practice Anytime - 24/7

Trainees are free to progress through the modules at their convenience. For practical software skills involving Structural ToolKit, SpaceGASS, and AutoCAD, trainees can book 2-hour practice sessions. These are available 24/7, allowing for practice at any time that suits them, with no limit on the number of sessions they can schedule.

Weekly Live Online Q&A

In addition to the core curriculum focused on designing and drafting residential dwellings, our live weekly Q&A sessions occasionally cover a broader range of engineering projects. These may include signage, renovations/extensions, forensic engineering, more. These topics don't dominate the sessions, only discussed to broaden the trainees' knowledge and prepare them for a diverse range of engineering tasks.

Structural Engineering Training for Corporates

Professionally developed structural engineering 100% online training to gain Australian experience, technical & professional industry skills


Trainees Get Unlimited Access to Master the Leading Design & Drafting Software Used in Australian Residential Projects

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