⏰ Wake-Up Call for Homeowners:
Your House Is Speaking, Are You Listening 👂

🚨 Your home is more than just walls and a roof; it's your sanctuary. But what happens when that sanctuary starts falling apart? 🚨
🏚️ Cracks in the walls, uneven floors, doors that won't close - these aren't just minor inconveniences. They're warning signs of a deeper, potentially catastrophic issue. And every minute you delay could be costing you thousands 💸

📚 What You Will Learn in Our
No-Nonsense DIY Residential Forensic Assessment Webinar

🔎 Uncover the Truth

Discover how to pinpoint the real reasons behind the disturbing cracks, movements, and settlements in your building. Cut through the confusion and gain insights into both the common causes and effective solutions to address these structural issues. No more guesswork – start understanding and solving the problems your building is facing.

📉Your  Guide to Identifying Issues

Get the Comprehensive Guide to Foundation Structural Defects, packed with detailed charts and tables. This guide simplifies the task of identifying the factors leading to movements, cracks, and settlements in your home, making it easier to understand what's causing your home's deterioration.

🤝 Join the Forensic DIY Community

Join our Exclusive Forensic DIY Community and connect with others who are navigating the same challenging issues with their homes. Share your experiences and learn from fellow owners on similar journeys. Access to this supportive community is granted after attending our webinar.

🔊 Is This Webinar for You? Absolutely, If:

  • ✅ Your home is a ticking time bomb of structural defects: built or purchased within the last 10 years, showing signs of distress 🏠💥 
  • ✅ You're tired of being misled by contractors who are more interested in their profits than your safety 🛠️💔
  • ✅ You're lost in a Sea of Confusion? Every professional or contractor you consult 🛠️ leaves you more baffled and stuck in the same place 📍🤷‍♀️ 
  • ✅ You're ready to take control and stop the bleeding of your hard-earned money on temporary fixes and costly misdiagnoses 💸🚫

🗓️ Webinar Essentials:

  • Delivered by: Moly Senior Structural Engineer👷‍♀️
  • Credentials: CPEng, NER, PE (RBP), RPEQ, MIEAust, M.ENG. (STRUCTURAL), B.ENG. (CIVIL)🎓
  • Date: Saturday, April 06, 2024 📅
  • Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm AEDT 🕙
  • Duration: 7 Hours (30 Minutes Break X 3) ⏳
  • Location: Live Online - Attend from the Danger Zone of Your Own Home 💻
  • Early Bird Price: $590 (Before March 1, 2024) 🐦💲
  • Regular Price: $690
  • Limited Attendance: Only 15 Spots for Those Brave Enough to Face the Reality 🪑🔥

🔊 Your House Isn't Just Cracking,
It's Crying Out for Help!

Are you going to continue ignoring its pleas until it's too late? Or are you going to arm yourself with the knowledge to save it - and your wallet?

👉 Contact us now and take the first step towards rescuing your home from the brink of disaster!

Date & Time

Saturday, 06/04/2024 
10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Live Online

Maximum 15 Participants

Limiting attendance to a maximum of 15 attendees is crucial to maintain the high quality of delivery.

Moly Ashtari

Senior Structural Engineer
About me
A Senior Structural Engineer with over 10 years of experience. She leads the structural design team, forensic team, and R&D department with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of engineering challenges. Working closely with engineers, graduates, and interns every day, Moly has developed exceptional knowledge and insight into what engineers need to succeed. Her leadership not only advances projects but also inspires the next generation of engineers.
Moly: Inspiring Engineers with Knowledge and Passion.

Live Online Webinar for Home Owners 

Forensic Assessment of Existing Residential Buildings Experiencing Cracks, Movement and Settlement

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