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The ONLY Institute Offering a Unique Training and Internship Program Tailored for Graduate and Migrant Engineers. Transform into a job-ready professional in just three months through our exclusive, engineer-designed program. Gain the local experience and confidence hiring managers and recruiters seek. Stand out, get hired, and bridge the gap.

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  • eWebinar: Principal Engineer Don & Senior Engineer Moly on Mentorship – Industry Insights, Upskilling, Job Hunting. 
  • Our Work Integrated Training Program
  • How Our Work Experience Internship Program Works
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  • Why 98% Of Our Trainees Get Engineering Interviews Or Job Offers Within 3 Months
  • Engineering Salary Data 
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develop your local design Portfolio
learn Australian Standards + Codes
become job ready & hireable
Practice on Local Softwares
attend Live Site inspections

98 % of our trainees land engineering interviews or job offers within three months

And here's why - we equip you with precisely what companies & recruiters demand, down to the last line of their job requirements. We're talking about the exact work experience you're missing. Get ready to be hired quicker, and at a higher salary. You can thank us later.
"LearnPedia transformed my career. Struggling without local experience and key skills like Structural ToolKit & SpaceGASS, I couldn't get interviews. LearnPedia's tailored training, designed for the Australian Structural Engineering industry, quickly built my abilities. The materials were clear and practical, blending theory with real-life project application. Live online sessions with expert instructors provided hands-on experience. This training led to my current job as a structural engineer, equipping me with essential knowledge and confidence in structural principles. In just three months, LearnPedia accelerated my learning, vital for my professional success."


How our Training Internship Program Works

#1 Immediate Training in Residential Design

100% Online training program that offers a seamless registration process with flexible payment options, granting immediate access to over 200 hours of interactive videos, simulation labs, quizzes, and exams. Participants will engage in practical, project-based assignments and case studies. Weekly 1-hour one-on-one sessions

#2 Gain Immediate Work Experience

Gain local experience immediately; add 3 months' work to your CV. Dive straight into practical work experience that hiring managers look for. We'll guide you from the basics to advanced techniques in designing residential dwellings, adhering to Australian standards and codes. Live online format: weekly 1 hour one-on-one live online sessions with your instructor for personalized support. 

#3 Develop Your Skills and Portfolio

24/7 access to three widely-used residential design and drafting software tools, you have the freedom to learn and practice at any time that suits you. Apply your newly learned concepts to real-life projects, enhancing your practical skills. Create and develop your own portfolio, featuring three of your residential designs. Personalized support from instructor

#4 Excel in Your Engineering Interviews

You'll learn vital industry-specific soft skills. We'll equip you with the know-how to confidently present, discuss, and adapt your residential designs, showcasing your independence and expertise. Gain the skills to engage in technical discussions with hiring managers and recruiters with confidence. Our focused training also includes guidance on what to say to` excel in your engineering interviews
What is covered in our Training Program

DESIGN & DRAFT Three Real-Life Single Storey Dwellings step by step Based on Australian Standards

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6

Australian Residential Industry Construction Knowledge

Learn about the Australian residential industry (construction knowledge) by watching on-site real-life residential construction simulations and interactive training videos and images (how can engineers provide a buildable design when they don't know about the construction materials, products, process and challenges.
Watch: Module 1 Introduction

Roof Design & Draft based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)

Learn roof element design and drafting with hands-on, real-life project guidance and software access. Explore construction practices through interactive training and videos.
Watch: Module 2 Introduction

Framing Design and Drafting based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)

Learn the design of frame elements through real-life projects with the instructor, using essential software and resources, along with drafting and construction insights via residential simulations and interactive materials.
Watch: Module 3 Introduction

Drafting Framing Connection Details based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)

Learn framing connection details on real projects with your instructor and put together the connection details for the projects you work on throughout the training program. Access software and resources, including AutoCAD & and AS/NZS codes. Explore buildability & and construction concepts through on-site residential construction simulations and interactive training materials.
Watch: Module 4 Introduction

Bracing Design and Detailing based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)

Gain skills in wind load calculations, designing and drafting various bracing systems through three step-by-step real-life projects with instructor guidance, including software and AS/NZS code access, complemented by construction simulations and interactive videos.
Watch: Module 5 Introduction

Footing Design and Detailing based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)

Learn to design and draft various footing systems for different site conditions through hands-on experience with three real-life projects. Learn how to read and interpret Geotechnical reports and gain a thorough insight about the parameters that need to be considered in the footing design and drafting phase. Access essential tools like Structural Toolkit and AS/NZS codes, and understand construction fundamentals through interactive simulations and videos.
Watch: Module 6 Introduction

Design & Draft Single Storey Dwellings:
ALL 6 Modules + 3 Months Internship

Learn to Design & Draft Three Real-Life Single Storey Dwellings Step By Step - Based On Australian Standards & Codes (AS/NZS)
Watch: ALL 6 Modules + Internship Introduction

Join Our Training Program to Learn and Use Industry-Leading Design, Drafting, and Analysis Software, Enhanced with LearnPedia's Excel Spreadsheets and Resources, Tailored for Australian Residential Engineering

After completing our program, you can confidently add the following experience and skills to the work history section of your resume

Work Experience



ANZ Engineers Pty Ltd & LearnPedia Australia
  • Australian Residential Industry Construction Knowledge
  • Roof Design & Draft based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)
  • Framing Design and Drafting based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)
  • Drafting Framing Connection Details based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)
  • Bracing Design and Detailing based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)
  • Footing Design and Detailing based on Australian Standards (AS/NZS)
  • Design Portfolio (3 x Real-Life Residential Designs based on AS/NZS)

Industry reference: Senior Structural Engineer & Instructor, Moly A.
Design Portfolio
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Training Completion and CPD Certifications

Digital Credentials (Digital Badge)

Display LearnPedia badges on LinkedIn and your CV to stand out in job applications. They prove your skills and provide interview talking points, boosting your candidacy.

Certificate of Training and Completion

LearnPedia certificates demonstrate your skills and commitment to professional growth. Displaying them in interviews can enhance your employability, leading to better roles and higher pay.

Continuing Professional  Development 

Adding CPD training to your resume highlights your skills and expertise, making you a more appealing job candidate who may require less additional training.
Unlocking the Power of Mentorship in LearnPedia's Training Programs

Dive into the inspiring story of Don, a Principal Structural Engineer with 52 years of engineering experience and Moly's mentor, as he shares how mentorship played a pivotal role in shaping his illustrious career.

  • Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the civil and structural engineering domain from seasoned professionals with years of experience
  • Upskilling Strategies: Discover effective techniques to upskill and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise sought after by employers
  • Job Hunting Techniques: Learn practical tips and proven strategies to stand out in the job market, create an impressive resume, and ace interviews, ultimately landing the job you've always dreamed of
  • Get to know your instructor and founder, Moly and the other industry related speakers


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Anup K.:  Completed
Steven Hguyen
Course & Internship Completed
An insightful learning experience executed flawlessly by our course trainer Moly. "Her expertise in structural engineering designing was evident throughout training as she provided material that was familiar yet highlighted common real-life problems associated with designs. "Her extensive knowledge and exposure to all these challenges presented me with a different perspective of tackling single storey dwelling designs. I thoroughly enjoyed my involvement and would highly recommend this advantageous single storey dwelling design course and Learnpedia as the best Structural Engineering Institute in Australia.
Jacqueline Nogoy
Course & Internship Completed
The Single Storey Design Course has been a valuable learning experience for me. It covered all the fundamentals of the structural design of single-storey residential buildings including both theoretical and practical aspects of structural engineering.
"Moly delivered the course in an exceptionally detailed manner and was generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences in the local structural engineering industry. She has been supportive throughout the course and was patient to answer all our questions."
I enjoyed the whole learning experience and I’m grateful to meet wonderful people in the process.
Sunit H.
Course & Internship Completed
Moly is highly professional. She is incredibly responsive and worked diligently to solve most complicated problems. Completing designing single storey dwelling course taught me so much about residential structural engineering designing projects. Her method is simple, efficient and practical. She took her time to explain every step of the way to make sure that they were understandable. I highly recommend using her method of implementing theoretical knowledge to practical solutions.

Meet Your Instructor

Moly Ashtari epitomizes innovation and mentorship in the structural engineering domain. Her own experiences as a migrant in the Australian engineering sector led her to establish LearnPedia. This venture was born out of a clear understanding of the struggles faced by new engineers and companies alike in bridging the experience gap. Moly's journey reflects a deep empathy and a commitment to transformative education.

  • Founder & Instructor at LearnPedia: Created a unique training and internship platform, revolutionizing engineer training.
  • Senior Structural Engineer & Director: Leads a successful consultancy, innovating in engineering solutions and practices. 
  • Expert in Training Development: Over a decade of experience in hiring and training engineers, deeply understanding the industry’s needs.
  • Innovative Educator: Implemented new methods in engineering education, moving beyond traditional, ineffective approaches. 
  • Entrepreneurial Leader: Foresaw the need for a practical training solution in engineering, reducing the risks associated with hiring inexperienced engineers. 
  • Pioneer in Work-Integrated Learning: Developed training programs that significantly reduce the flight risk of newly trained engineers, ensuring a return on investment for companies.

Meet Moly   

Moly Ashtari
Senior Structural Engineer, Founder, Instructor

Moly's vision and leadership have not only reshaped the educational landscape for engineers in Australia but also offered a viable solution to engineering firms grappling with the risks of training new talent. Her approach is pragmatic, focused on real-world application and long-term retention of engineering skills within the industry.


***ONLY 30 Intakes Available Per Month***

Included In The Training Program
  • On-Demand Training Videos
  • 1-on-1 Training & Work Experience Feedback and Guidance From a Senior Structural Engineer
  • Total Flexibility + Get Access Immediately
  • Full Access to Design & Draft Software Packages: Structural ToolKit, AutoCAD, SpaceGASS
  • 120 CPD Points (Continuing Professional Development
  • 24/7 Support Live-Chat
  • Limited Spots to assure quality of training
  • Over 200+ hours of interactive training videos and material
  • Connect With Us To On LinkedIn To Get Access To Our Large Network Of Engineering Hiring Mangers and Recruiters
  • Training Completion and CPD Certifications
  • Engineering Career Guidance
  • Ultimate Engineering Step-by-Step training (500+ pages)
  • Connect with us on LinkedIn to get access to our large network of Engineering Hiring Managers & Recruiters
  • Real-Life Learning. Career-Focused Work Experience Designed for You From Australia’s Fastest Growing Engineering Institute

98 % of our trainees land engineering interviews or job offers within three months

One-Time Payment

Design & Draft Single Storey Dwellings (3 Months Training Internship/Work Experience)


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  • 100% Interest Free  
  • No transaction fees
  • Owe nothing at the
    end of our training
  • Upskilling your staff
    expenses are tax deductible

Payment Plan Options

Design & Draft Single Storey Dwellings (3 Months Training Internship/Work Experience)

Start from as little as $125 weekly

  • Small transaction fees
  • Study Now Pay Later   
  • Spread out your payment

  • Flexible & Affordable
    Payment Plan Solutions

  • Self-education expenses
    are tax deductible

How much does a Structural Engineer earn?

Job market trends
Structural Engineer salary
Skills & experience employers are looking For

 Skills and Experience Hiring Mangers & Recruiters are looking for

 Drafting Detailed Structural Drawings using AutoCAD
 Structural Computations using Structural Toolkit & SpaceGASS
 Thorough understanding of Australian Standards and Codes (AS/NZS)
 Independently Designing and Drafting Residential Projects
 Writing technical reports and providing engineering advice
 Professionally liaising with clients, builders and architects
 Designing & Drafting footing systems: waffle raft slab, stiffened raft slab & subfloors based on AS2870

Get Instant Access to Online Training + Internship for Immediate Work Experience and for These In-Demand Structural Engineer skills
The average annual salary for Structural Engineer jobs in Australia

$90k - $110k

Job market trends for Structural Engineers

Ultimately, career satisfaction as an engineer is something that is, itself, engineered – and there’s nobody more qualified to do so than you are.
The average junior structural engineer salary in Australia is $80,000 per year or $41.03 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $70,000 per year, while more experienced experienced engineers make $90,899 + per year.
$90k - $110k

Source: Salary insights are based on full-time salary ranges disclosed by hirers on SEEK job ads in the last three months.


Determine if you qualify for our game-changing engineering program. Transform your career trajectory in just three months with us. We're not just a training program; we're your fast track to getting the crucial local experience that hiring managers and recruiters demand. It's time to equip yourself with the skills and experience that set you apart. Act now, check your eligibility, and join the ranks of those who chose to excel rather than settle. Your engineering career awaits – are you ready to seize it?