Jan 29

How to Design Waffle Footing in Australia: A Technical Guide

In the realm of residential construction in Australia, the design of waffle footing systems plays a pivotal role in ensuring the performance of residential structures.  
This blog aims to provide a comprehensive, technical, and educational overview of designing waffle footings, a popular choice for many Australian homes. 

Choosing the Right Footing System:

The selection of an appropriate footing system is crucial for any residential project. Factors such as soil type, environmental conditions, and architectural design heavily influence this choice. The right footing system not only supports the structural performance but also impacts its resistance to environmental stresses. 

Building on a Waffle Slab System: 

When opting for a waffle slab system, several considerations come into play. These include soil type, site conditions, and load-bearing requirements. Waffle slabs are particularly suited for certain soil types and are favoured for their efficiency in material usage and their construction speed.

Structural Design of a Waffle Slab System: 

In the design process of a waffle slab, it is integral to ensure proposed footing designs comply with architectural requirements and are capable of withstanding the structure's load and environmental pressures. Various factors are to be analysed to determine the feasibility and specifications of the waffle slab design. 
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Required Documentation for Design: 

To design a specified footing system, structural engineers need a series of documentation, including architectural drawings, geotechnical soil test reports, site levelling details (depending on the site conditions), etc. These documents provide crucial information about the site conditions and design requirements, forming the basis for any structural design. 

Australian Standard for Designing Waffle Slab Footings: 

In Australia, the design and construction of waffle slabs must comply with specific standards. The Australian Standard (AS 2870 - Residential slabs and footings) and National Construction Codes (NCC) provide guidelines for the design, detailing and construction, ensuring durability, and compliance. However, it is to be noted that AS 2870 has certain limitations and is not applicable to ALL residential project scopes.


In conclusion, the design of waffle footing systems in Australian residential construction has different parts or aspects that need to be considered, as well as the technical undertaking that demands a thorough understanding of various factors such as soil types, environmental conditions, and load-bearing requirements. The success of the design process hinges on the careful selection and analysis of these elements, ensuring the footing system not only meets the structural demands but also adheres to national standards like AS 2870 and the NCC. While AS 2870 provides a framework for most residential projects, its limitations must be acknowledged, emphasizing the need for bespoke solutions in certain scenarios. Ultimately, the meticulous design of waffle footings is essential for the creation of durable homes in Australia, underlining the critical role of structural engineers in shaping the country's residential landscape.

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