LIVE & In-Person Construction Site Visit &
Expert-Led Workshop (4 HOUR) 

Essentials of Australian Residential Timber Construction

What you will see and learn in this 4 Hour LIVE In-Person Construction Site Visit & Workshop:

  • Australian residential timber construction techniques/methods.
  • Common materials and commercial construction products used in the residential industry.
  • Terminology/language and technical phrases used in residential construction.
  • Structural members used in timber and brick construction.
  • Different footing systems used in residential buildings.
  • See in person a residential timber framing, while the instructor/senior structural engineer explains the construction methods, techniques and challenges.
  • Australian standards used in residential designs (AS1170.0, AS1720, AS1684, AS2870, etc.)
  • Learn about the role of other professionals involved in residential projects such as building surveyors, land surveyors, arborists, etc.

Additionally, this workshop offers a valuable opportunity to network with fellow engineers and meet in person our expert instructor, Moly, who brings over 10 years of experience in the field. This is a chance to enhance your professional connections and gain insights from an experienced industry professional.

Event Key Details:

  • Delivered by: Moly Ashtari, Instructor & Senior Structural Engineer - CPEng, NER, PE (RBP), RPEQ, MIEAust, M.ENG. (STRUCTURAL), B.ENG. (CIVIL)
  • Date: Saturday, June 29, 2024
  • Time: 11.00 am - 3.00 pm AEDT
  • Duration: 4 Hours (inc. 30 Min break/networking)
  • Location: Thomastown, VIC 3074
  • Price: $250
  • CPD Points: Continuing Professional Development 4 Points
  • Provided: Snacks and Refreshments
  • Limited Attendance: A maximum of 10 participants (to maintain high quality of training).

Note: Further details will be provided upon registration. The workshop and site visit are at the same convenient location.
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Who is this Workshop and Site-Visit for

This Workshop and Site-Inspection is for the professionals listed below, looking to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding about Australian Residential Construction Material, Methods and Procedures, to gain the required insight for entering the industry.
  • Undergraduate Civil/Structural Engineers
  • Graduate Civil/Structural Engineers
  • Migrant Civil/Structural Engineers
  • Structural/Civil Engineers currently working and wanting to upskill in Residential Field
  • Site Engineers
  • Draftspersons in Construction Industry
  • Estimators in Construction Industry
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Architects
  • Migrant Architects
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Join our In-Person Construction Site Visit & Workshop for an unparalleled 4-hour learning experience. Dive deep into the world of construction with live demonstrations and expert-led insights. Here's how you can transform this opportunity into even more value:

Pay $250 to Attend, Get It Back with More Learning!

  1. Register and attend the workshop for $250.
  2. Join our 3 Month Internship Program after the event.
  3. Receive a full $250 refund - your workshop experience becomes FREE!

Pay $250, Get It Back with More Learning!

  1. Register and attend the workshop for $250.
  2. Join our 3 Month Internship Program after the event.
  3. Receive a full $250 refund - your workshop experience becomes FREE!

Why This Workshop Is a Must:

  • Real-Life Insights: See first-hand the practical application of construction principles.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from professionals.
  • Hands-On Experience: Live site challenges & problem-solving.

Act Now for Maximum Benefit!

Limited spots available - Secure your place today and take a significant step towards professional excellence. Remember, this is more than just a workshop; it's an investment in your future that could pay for itself.
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Register for the "3-Month Traineeship" on Designing & Drafting Single Storey Dwellings, before June 29, 2024, and you will get complimentary attendance to our exclusive workshop, a saving of $250. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your skills and enjoy cost savings.

Flexible Payment Plans Available: ONLY $125 per week***

Date & Time

Saturday, June 29, 2024
11:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Suburb: Thomastown, Victoria 3074 The workshop and site visit are at the same convenient location. Participants will receive an email containing the precise address.

Only 10 Participants

Limiting attendance to a maximum of 10 attendees is crucial to maintain the high quality of training.

4 CPD Points

CPD is essential for engineers to maintain and update their knowledge and technical skills. It involves training or learning activities that advance your engineering career.

Moly Ashtari
Senior Structural Engineer

Moly is a Senior Structural Engineer with over 10 years of experience, leading the structural design team, forensic team, and R&D department. Her deep knowledge and expertise span a broad array of areas, with a particular focus on residential engineering. Moly works hand-in-hand with engineers, graduates, and interns daily, fostering a supportive environment that cultivates practical knowledge and essential skills for budding engineers to thrive in their careers.
Known for her professional and friendly demeanor, Moly is dedicated to mentoring and inspiring the upcoming generation of engineers, sharing her experience and insights to help them navigate their professional journeys with confidence.

Trainee Success Stories: Transforming Careers with LearnPedia

LearnPedia is committed to empowering structural and civil engineers, architects, and building designers in the Australian industry. Our goal is to equip them with the knowledge, practical experience, and essential skills needed for career excellence.
We help graduates and newcomers secure their first job by providing the latest in-demand skills, ensuring they stand out. Additionally, we support established professionals in upskilling to advance in their careers.

Madhukar - NSW

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
"The course provides you with knowledge and skill about Australian residential dwelling design that I feel would require 5 years of experience to gain within a very short period of time which has been made possible by our very knowledgeable course trainer, Moly, by delivering the course very professionally and with her heart in an exceptionally detailed manner. As a student enrolled in the Design of Single Storey Dwelling Course, I feel the course not only clearly explains about the basics of structural engineering design of single-storey designing but also teaches you to tackle the real-life complications that will be experienced by you in your future workplace. The tricks that Moly teaches in this course will make you more effective and productive, which will enhance your performance at the workplace and help you stand out."
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Jacqueline - VIC 

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
"The Single Storey Design Course has been a valuable learning experience for me. It covered all the fundamentals of the structural design of single-storey residential buildings including both theoretical and practical aspects of engineering. Moly delivered the course in an exceptionally detailed manner and was generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences in the local industry. She has been supportive throughout the course and was patient to answer all our questions. I enjoyed the whole learning experience and I’m grateful to meet wonderful people in the process."

Anup - VIC

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
The practical knowledge and exposure that I got from this course have not only developed the proper skill set for single storey dwelling design but also opened a broader view of how engineering and construction are done in Australia. I am pretty sure that this course will always put me one step ahead of other competitors out there not only now but also in my future career.
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Steven - VIC

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
"An insightful learning experience executed flawlessly by our course trainer Moly. "Her expertise in structural engineering designing was evident throughout training as she provided material that was familiar yet highlighted common real-life problems associated with designs. "Her extensive knowledge and exposure to all these challenges presented me with a different perspective of tackling single storey dwelling designs. I thoroughly enjoyed my involvement and would highly recommend this advantageous single storey dwelling design course and Learnpedia as the best Structural Engineering Institute in Australia."

Lasantha - VIC

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
"I was a complete beginner in design and drafting as per Australian standards. LearnPedia's Internship changed that. I got hands-on experience, learning from the ground up - from roofing to footings. The course was clear, engaging, and practical, far exceeding my expectations. Our instructor Moly was a standout, making complex topics easy and practical. Her friendly, experienced teaching made a huge difference. I also got to use key tools like Structural Toolkit and SpaceGASS, boosting my confidence. This program isn't just theory. It's about real-world skills, making me job-ready. Now, I'm skilled in using Australian standards and codes, ready to tackle real projects. If you're new to this field, I highly recommend LearnPedia. It's a game-changer!"
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Sunit - VIC

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
"Moly is highly professional. She is incredibly responsive and worked diligently to solve most complicated problems. Completing designing single storey dwelling course taught me so much about residential structural engineering designing projects. Her method is simple, efficient and practical. She took her time to explain every step of the way to make sure that they were understandable. I highly recommend using her method of implementing theoretical knowledge to practical solutions."
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Kim - VIC

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer

"Having recently finished my degree and never got a chance of working on any real-life projects after graduated. This course had provided the knowledge and skills that able to fill the gap between the fresh graduate structural engineer and the workplace. The contents of the course were well organized and explained. She also shared some of her work experiences during the course. I would highly recommend anyone with the same issue as me to take this course."

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Arsalan - WA

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer
"The content was very good, organised and well explained. I specifically like the way in which Moly tries to explain the reason behind various aspects rather than just following code provisions. This has helped me to put some strain in my brain and think of the probable reasons. She is very friendly, enjoys teaching and has a lot of patience to re-explain topics which are confusing. For a person like me who has newly migrated to Australia and is new to timber construction, this course would help a lot. I enjoyed a lot participating in this course."
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Ahmad - VIC

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer

"Moly is a great teacher. She really cares for her students/trainees. She relates everything that she teaches to actual practice in the field of Structural Engineering.

This course has boosted my confidence to successfully complete real life projects from start to the end based on Australian Standards and Codes."

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Maryam - ACT

3-Month Traineeship Program - Structural Engineer

"The experience and knowledge gained from this course were above all expectations. The course was well structured and detailed. The steps created to design a single storey were clear and reinforced throughout the course.  The most impressive part of the course was the ability of the trainer to tie together the construction and design knowledge. She was able to provide insightful details about common designing mistakes that inexperienced engineers can make because of the lack of knowledge about common construction materials and architectural limitations."

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