Live In-person

Career Support Meetup (FREE)

For migrant or graduate Structural & Civil Engineers, or Architect, facing the barrier of "No Local Experience = No Job"?
Hybrid Event

What's included?

Join us once a month, completely FREE of charge, for a chance to meet industry professionals, gain invaluable advice, and kickstart your career in Australia.

Resume Enhancement

We will all work together to polish your resume and improve your job search strategies in the structural engineering and architectural fields.

 Interview Prep

Gain insights into effective interview strategies customised for the engineering and architectural sectors.

Understanding Work Culture

Enhance your communication skills and understand key aspects of Australian work culture, including industrial relations and workplace norms, to excel in your professional environment.

Networking and Community Building

Connect with peers and professionals committed to supporting each other's career goals within the industry.

Expert Q&A

Our Senior Structural Engineer/Instructor and a Hiring Manager will be on hand to answer your questions and share their insights.

Snack Time

Stay energised and focused with snacks on us, ensuring your brain is fuelled for maximum engagement.


Hi there!
Our passionate team delivering LearnPedia's Career Support Meetups guide you through the Australian job market and demands so that you are perfectly equipped to join the workplace.
Moly is currently working as a senior structural engineer & manages the structural designing team, forensic team & R&D department. Working side by side with engineers, graduates & interns day in & day out, she has excellent knowledge & understanding of the challenges & the needs engineers are faced with.

Moly Ashtari

Founder & Instructor at LearnPedia. Associated Director & Snr. Structural Engineer at a Melbourne based company.

Learn More About Moly

A Senior Structural Engineer with over 10 years of experience. She leads the structural design team, forensic team, and R&D department with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of engineering challenges. Working closely with engineers, graduates, and interns every day, Moly has developed exceptional knowledge and insight into what engineers need to succeed. Her leadership not only advances projects but also inspires the next generation of engineers.
Moly: Inspiring Engineers with Knowledge and Passion.

Alex Jovanovski

Director, Career & Interview Coach at LearnPedia. Project Manager & Director at a Melbourne based company.

Learn More About Alex

Alex has many years of experience working in business development, sales, marketing, training, and engineering services. He has personally recruited many staff members during his career. He is well qualified to provide interview advice and assist job seekers in promoting and marketing themselves to employers and securing sustainable employment outcomes. Alex is passionate about helping our applicants succeed. He understands how an interviewee needs to clearly express themselves to the interviewer in answering both technical and behavioural questions. He says, “I have developed a passion for being the voice of those who cannot communicate for themselves and teaching them to communicate effectively. In recruiting, I can do this by helping the applicants acknowledge their potential and be able to communicate effectively with hiring managers. I can communicate with people from all walks of life who all have one thing in common; THEY NEED A JOB.” Alex has helped many job seekers secure employment by training and coaching them. He says, “I know how to sell and market a job seeker to an employer, and I impart my knowledge to my applicants by helping them sell and market themselves to employers.”